Welcome to ENGAGE, a “Select” Project & Construction Management firm which takes great pride and a hands on approach while representing our clients and their interests.

Four Pillars of Success

All Clients, regardless of their business structure look to four key metrics to be met in order to achieve a successful project.

ENGAGE ensures project successes are met by employing a rigid reporting structure as well as a hands on experienced approach that lends itself to these four cornerstones of our business. By understanding and utilizing the “four pillars” we as a collective group have the opportunity and mandate to ensure that these key items are passed on and understood by all project personnel (senior management to the “tool” level).

  • Safety

    Our goal is to educate, promote, and encourage the culture of safety while reducing unsafe acts and hazardous conditions for the good of all personnel, directly and indirectly involved with ENGAGE Construction Management and Consulting. Creating an open atmosphere where all employees know that their voice will not only be heard, but listened to have […]

  • Quality

    ENGAGE monitors and stewards the implementation of best practices and processes to ensure that quality is embedded in every activity of the project. We measure quality in multiple facets, from material receiving, in process audits (manufacture and testing verifications), corporate (QMS, ITP’s etc.), shipping protection and preservation to the qualifications of the personnel performing the […]

  • Cost

    Utilizing our unique combination of reporting and forecasting, ENGAGE essentially has our “finger on the pulse” in all the day to day construction tasks, these are measured with a combination of earned value reporting, CPI/SPI forecasting and management of a “live” schedule. Too often the small tasks get minimal attention, by managing ALL tasks alike, […]

  • Schedule

    ENGAGE stewards each contractor(s) schedule independently and in conjunction with the overall project schedule. This ensures that all commercial terms that may be dependant on the critical path items as well as interdependent items are met and in compliance to the overall project schedule. Utilizing PMBOK methods; Milestone date management, planned versus actual start/end dates […]

“what gets measured…………gets attention”

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