Welcome to ENGAGE, a “Select” Project & Construction Management firm which takes great pride and a hands on approach while representing our clients and their interests.


Our goal is to educate, promote, and encourage the culture of safety while reducing unsafe acts and hazardous conditions for the good of all personnel, directly and indirectly involved with ENGAGE Construction Management and Consulting. Creating an open atmosphere where all employees know that their voice will not only be heard, but listened to have a positive “ripple effect” throughout any project where employees have taken a pro-active role in the safety of themselves and their co-workers. Ways that we can create this atmosphere are as follows:

Obligation to Refuse Unsafe Work

It is the OBLIGATION of ALL employees to refuse unsafe work or working conditions as mandated by legislated policy and our organization. Engage mandates that all employees and contractors take the steps necessary and continue to steward this vision.

Safety Meetings

It is mandated that peers chair the weekly safety meeting(s) with only F/M as supervision attending (Increases the comfort level of the workforce to openly discuss concerns without the fear of repercussion).


All members of the crew need to be involved in the generation of the JHA (as they are the ones performing the work scope). when involved, a “sense of ownership” is taken by the crew.

Tail-gate Meetings

Much like the weekly safety meetings with the exception of (at least) one senior management in attendance, by getting the crew directly involved and fostering the safety culture they will be increasingly engaged and more aligned with the effectiveness of the meeting and the safety vision.

“what gets measured…………gets attention”

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