Engage Sponsors Breast Cancer Awareness

Update: The night was a resounding success! The weather was nice and the team played great! The Scots ran out 44-7 winners on the evening, improving their record to 3-1. The team looked great in their pink socks, and the crowd was boisterous, waving their towels and wearing their Breast Cancer Awareness bracelets!

Engage believes supporting the communities you work in one of the most important things a business can do. To that end, we have had an ongoing relationship with the Archbishop Jordan Scots Football Program, and we are delighted to announce our sponsorship of their breast cancer awareness game this coming Friday night, October 4th! The game will feature the ABJ Scots against the Lilian Osborne Legends, and take place at Emerald Hills Regional Park in Sherwood Park, with kickoff at 5pm! See below for a teaser of the items we’ll be giving out at the game, and check back to see this blog post updated with pictures from the event!